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Important COVID-19 Update


As we move forward during this time of uncertainty under the coronavirus concerns. We at FCSA are committed to providing useful best practices and offering our services during facility shut downs. We will provide a physical security service and help monitor ongoing industrial processes as they run unmanned, as well as script/deliver a company message to provide information to callers while shut down.


In addition to foot and vehicle patrols, we will monitor, dispatch and report on fire and security systems.


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construction Security

Overall coordination and management of security programs for construction projects.

on site compliance

Day-to-day compliance and enforcement efforts on site to ensure a culture of  safety awareness and improvement.

Security  patrols

Conduct patrols of the client's sites throughout the day,  coordinating activities with the site management team.

site Access control

Access control of sites via a secure perimeter. Emergency response of any identified incident.

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founded in 2013, FCDA is a FULL SERVICE contract security company that provides a complete range of cost effective security workforce solutions.

The dynamic FCDA management team has more than 55 years of security industry knowledge, using state-of-the-art security tools and procedures. We implement cutting edge and innovative approaches to address the ever changing security environment our clients face each day.

FCDA has a focused and specialized expertise in providing security personnel and takes pride in its long-term customer relations.

We use in-house staff recruiters who are security industry experts. They exclusively recruit security disciplines by following a comprehensive pre-employment candidate screening process which includes: In-depth personal interviews, reference checks, drug screening and background checks.

We have a proactive focus on the importance of providing continuing education for our security staff through comprehensive training and supervised hands-on experience.


FIRST CHOICE DETECTIVE AGENCY, LLC  has successfully completed the Pennsylvania Department of General Services™ process for self-certification as a small business under the Commonwealth™s Small Business Contracting Program, with the following designation: BUSINESS TYPE(s): Procurement Services

fcda is...

  • fully licensed, bonded and insured
  • A member of the Energy Security Council, Houston, Tx 
  • comprised of both security professionals and law enforcement personnel

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Specializing in the security needs of the oil and gas industry throughout the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania, First Choice Detective Agency provides fully qualified security personnel that our in-house recruiters have sourced and screened, and with whom we maintain a continuous relationship in order to provide “best-in-class” contractor performance.

US Federal Contractor Registration